EFF: Tech Companies Becoming More Transparent

EFF Tech Companies Becoming More TransparentA new report from there Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital-privacy group, reveals that a growing number of communications companies have “taken new steps in the past year to shed light on government requests and lobby Washington to say more.”

“This seems to be one of the legacies of the Snowden disclosures: The new transparency around mass surveillance has prompted significant policy reforms by major tech companies,” the report reads.

One of the companies to enjoy the biggest turnaround among those taking greater steps to protect consumer privacy is Apple.

This year, Apple earned six out of a possible six stars in the EFF review. In the last three years, Apple had only earned one star.

To check out the new report in full, click here. To review the best and worst ranking companies, take a gander at the infographic from EFF shared below.