Edgy Content Marketing has Brands and Media Taking Notice

In 2018, we can expect to see digital marketing experts roll out breakthrough strategies to capture consumer audiences in provocative new ways.

To that end, Take 5 Media Group is “raising the bar” with a new content marketing strategy that is singular in its approach and delivers unrivaled results.

From the group’s official announcement:

In contrast to the simplistic sort of content marketing which is the norm, with its helpful tips for everything from losing weight to managing your money, the edgy content Take 5 creates grabs the attention of consumers and media alike and seems to shout, “Share me!”

So how does it all work?

Take 5’s creative content marketing team works closely with clients to develop highly original news stories that are supported by unique data sets, culled from detailed survey results, social media scrapes, governmental data, and internal client data. The new stories are vetted for originality and packaged in a way that resounds with top-tier media publishers, which in turn produces huge exposure for the client’s brand.

“As a data owner and compiler, Take 5 has access and experience analyzing large data sets, so this new offshoot of content marketing is a natural extension of what we already do well,” said managing partner Alex Radetich. “Our content marketing team has achieved such success because they offer both statistical knowledge and creativity to the process, which is an unusual combination in our industry.”

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