Edge 226 Aims to Address Higher Expectations of Today’s Digital Advertisers

Edge 226, a technology company with a “hyper focus” on meeting the needs of mobile and video media buyers, was officially launched today.

We’re told that Edge will service media buyers in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions, and offer solutions designed to meet the changing needs of today’s mobile advertisers, mobile media agencies, mobile affiliate networks and video ad networks.

Today’s advertisers in the mobile and video markets are demanding higher quality tools.  Edge executives bring their deep domain expertise to the marketplace with intuitive, flexible and tightly aligned solutions to meet and exceed market needs.

Streamlined workflows, the company says, free up users from the manual tasks, allowing them to focus on their clients and become better business partners and meet business goals via high quality standards.

“With over a decade of hands-on experience, we were well aware of the challenges facing the industry, including issues around fraud and transparency. We spent a lot of time speaking to buyers, and the complaint we heard most frequently was how they manage to meet their clients’ expectations within the growing complexity of the digital ad tech space,” said Yoav Kirmayer, Co-CEO of Edge 226. “Their clients want high quality traffic backed by complete transparency to drive specific business KPIs and campaign efficiency.  We understood all the steps and workflows buyers must follow to meet those demands. A new class of technology was needed with solutions that tightly track to each buyer’s – and their clients’ – needs.”