eBook Publishing Now Easy as ‘Magic’

eBook publishing enthusiasts have something extra to be thankful for this holiday week.

On Wednesday, eBook Magic raised the bar for apps aimed at creating ePub and PDF books on Apple’s hugely popular iPad.

“The newly released Version 2.01 gives its users the ability to now order professionally printed books directly from the share menu,” the company brags. “This new feature is the top request of its fan base. eBook Magic for iPad continues to uphold its original goal of easy book creation without limiting creativity with book ordering and several other new features.”

eBook Magic, a book and document creation app, can be used to make a variety of different types of books, photo albums, children’s books, etc. Some eBook Magic enthusiasts use it to generate documents and reports, or even use it as a quick slide presenter program.

“eBook Magic was designed to offer a very different workflow for book making. With the addition of our printing service, we’ve stayed true to this design goal,” says Matthew Piunno, an executive with eBook Magic. “We offer plenty of Hard/Soft Bound options, and eBook Magic users can always change their book size on-the-fly to look at pricing for smaller or larger book sizes. Our number one request from teachers, photographers, and everyday users is printed books.”

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