eBook Brings Controversy to Justin Bieber

eBook Brings Controversy to Justin BieberDid Justin Bieber‘s mom write a new book about her famous son’s troubles under a pen name and then publish it as an eBook exclusive for the world to read?

That was the hottest news sweeping the celebrity blogosphere over the weekend.

On Friday, the bestselling publisher behind hugely popular and controversial biographies of everyone from Madonna to Whitney Houston published “Justin Bieber: Off The Deep End.”

Billed as a disturbing and completely unauthorized new ebook, the work explores Justin Bieber’s dangerous transition from a fresh-faced teen with a spotless image to a seemingly reckless bad boy on a dangerous professional and personal downward spiral.

On Saturday morning, representatives for Sports Entertainment publishing categorically denied that Pattie Mallette, author of the new book “Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom,” is behind or any way attached to “Off The Deep End.”

The rumor first surfaced on Twitter and resulted from no apparent evidence, other than pure speculation.

“The book was in no way, shape or form produced by or influenced by Justin Bieber of any member of his family,” the electronic publishing house says, quickly backing away from the speculation.

But controversy continues to swirl around the true identity of the book’s author. Outside sources confirm – although the publisher will not – that the author was writing under a pen name.

Advertised as having been written by Michael Pattie, “Justin Bieber: Off The Deep End” explores what went wrong, what’s really going on, and what can be done to save Justin Bieber… from Justin Bieber.

While at no time in the production of the ebook exclusive did rumors leak that Bieber’s mom may attempted to self-publish an ebook about the true story behind Justin’s troubles and what fans should do to help him turn his life around, some believe that the book’s price – just $0.99 when it could fetch a much higher retail price – is also suspect.

Entertainment Examiner was reportedly privy to the entire text, which is relatively short and borders on the length of a feature-length entertainment article as opposed to a full-length book.

According to industry sources, someone close to Bieber could have written the ebook, which is not in any way defamatory or incendiary. In fact, he says, it comes off surprisingly favorable to the Canadian-born singer.