eBay Turns to Mobile for Same Day Shipping Effort

eBay is catering to the instant gratification generation with its newest service.

On Monday, eBay rolled out a limited-time trial testing period of a same-day shipping service called eBay Now for consumers in San Francisco.

Released as an iOS app, eBay Now’s beta will allow shoppers in the region get $5 same-day shipping on products from local stores.

According to an exclusive report from Tech Crunch, the company is actively courting users for the beta testing phase. “Anyone can register, and those admitted should get a download link soon,” the report reads.

Startups like TaskRabbit and Uber have given consumers a taste of instant gratification, and now it seems eBay wants to deliver the same satisfaction. We are witnessing the rise of convenience tech.

Where will eBay Now turn up next? If things go well in San Francisco, the answer may be… everywhere.