eBay Touts ‘Biggest Mobile Shopping Day’

New information is surfacing about eBay’s mobile shopping successes this holiday shopping season. As it turns out, 2012 has already delivered eBay’s biggest mobile shopping day in company history.

This week, news came to light that December 9th was eBay’s “biggest mobile shopping day” ever.

On that date, eBay saw its transacted mobile volume spike 133% over what was 2011’s biggest mobile shopping day – December 4th.

Steve Yankovich, eBay’s VP of mobile, says that one-third of all eBay transactions are “touched” by mobile, meaning “users access listings or post via mobile even if the sale isn’t made on a mobile phone.”

“We’re seeing a change in the way people are shopping because of mobile, and this has turned the holiday shopping calendar on its head,” Yankovich tells Tech Crunch. As of this writing, eBay and PayPal forecast $10 billion in mobile transactions and mobile payments volume.

To learn more about eBay’s power play in mobile, check out the infographic below.