eBay Steals CES Spotlight with New Mobile Data Details

eBay itself won the bidding war for most media attention today on the heels of eBay CEO John Donahoe proclaiming his company to be a mobile commerce leader during his keynote at the CEA Leaders in Technology dinner at CES.

Donahoe revealed that eBay reached $5 billion in mobile GMV and PayPal reached $4 billion in mobile payment volume in 2011.

More than 890,000 new eBay shoppers made their first eBay purchase through the company’s mobile apps in 2011, a 113% increase year over year.

“EBay is continuing to drive the next generation of commerce in a new retail environment, where lines between online and offline commerce are blurring,” a statement from eBay read following the presentation.

Donahoe is projecting that in 2012, eBay will reach $8 billion in mobile GMV and PayPal will reach $7 billion in mobile TPV.