eBay Simplifies Mobile Buying, Selling on iOS

While the tech world is chiefly concerned with new innovations coming out of CES this week, some headlines are still being claimed by long established creations that are getting revamped to improve the consumer experience. Case in point: on Wednesday, eBay is touting its updated iOS apps, which are said to make buying and selling from mobile devices dramatically easier and more efficient.

“Mobile shopping continues to shape the way consumers buy and sell, and users have clearly embraced mobile listing,” eBay says. “Roughly 1.8 million new customers joined eBay through a mobile device in the first three quarters of 2012, and eBay Mobile currently adds an average of 2.4 million listings per week.”

Consequently, eBay for iPhone 2.7 and eBay for iPad 2.2 enhance the mobile buying and selling experiences by making them “as seamless as possible.” How so? eBay has eliminated “nearly all points of friction.” Buyers, for example, can now enjoy an improved auto-complete search feature and a shorter checkout experience.

For sellers, on the other hand, the refreshed app integrates the best of mobile devices with the desktop. That is, sellers can now “save drafts of their listings on their smartphones, where it’s easier to upload pictures, and then complete the process from their PCs, which allows them to write longer item descriptions from a keyboard.”

eBay’s updated iPhone and iPad apps, which are now available, reached new heights in 2012, logging more than 100 million downloads worldwide for the year.