How to Earn Big in Apps? Dailyhunt Cooperates with Mintegral for Monetization

No interference on user experiences, highly interactive content, deep data analytics and added value for developers. Dailyhunt — India’s largest content platform — believes these factors are critical in monetization.

During Ad:tech 2017 in New Delhi, the global digital marketing conference, Dailyhunt and Mobvista co-hosted a workshop named “How to Earn Big in India.”

Dailyhunt shared its monetization experiences and introduced its monetization partner to the Indian market: Mintegral, a native and video ad mediation platform developed by Mobvista.

Rajeev Dhal, DailyHunt’s Monetization Director shared their experiences of monetization with Mintegral.

Rajeev Dhal, Monetization Director of Dailyhunt, said Dailyhunt now supports 15 languages with monthly active users up to 29 million, daily active users up to 6.5 million and 100,000 new articles per day. After connecting to Mintegral, Mobvista’s Native + Video Ad Mediation Platform, the monthly app downloads brought from ads from Mintegral represents 36% of its total downloads.

 Monetization Problem in India

It is reported that there are about 100 million daily active users in the Indian mobile Internet market and that Indian Internet users spend 85% time on APPs, including IM and video APPs. It seems to be a market with a large user base and high monetization potential. However, most Indian consumers believe “free is the best”, which leads to lower-than-expected monetization scale in India.

In addition to selling ebooks through copyright cooperation, Dailyhunt’s another major source of revenue is advertising, specifically native ads.

“We believe ad is content. Therefore, we choose native ads and optimize in two directions: higher integration of ads and making ads fun,” said Mobvista CPO Erick Fang. “It’s all about giving options to users. While users find their favorite things, the ad effect is naturally better for advertisers, who will increase prices and buy more. In turn, developers will gain more revenue. This is the entire business logic.”

Dailyhunt’s Monetization Solution

Mintegral is a comprehensive monetization system developed by Mobvista, including native ad resource mediation, a complete operation dashboard, intelligent ad targeting and client SDK. Mintegral has joined hands with many top developers like Camera360, 360 Security, SHAREit etc. Up to now, Its SDK’s daily active users have surpassed 300 million with 28.3% share in India.

After partnering Mintegral, Dailyhunt chose two native ad formats – native feeds and native APP wall – for traffic monetization.

Native Feeds

These ads highly match with other contents in the pages to ensure no interference to user experiences. In terms of type, these ads are filtered with data and algorithms to ensure users to see contents they are interested in. This is the value of accurate distribution and ensures high eCPM for developers.

Brand ads in Dailyhunt’s news feeds

Native APP Wall

Packaging ad materials in a native way means to present ads as recommended news. By clicking the news title, users can be directed to the download page in APP Store. Also prioritizing user experiences, this type of ads takes full use of ad slot resources and help developers to maximize revenue.

What’s behind is a set of smart dynamic algorithms running. The self-matching custom algorithms accurately filter resources requested by each ad to greatly improve the accuracy of eCPM estimation and present the best-matching ads at the most appropriate places in APPs. Meanwhile, it can shield competitors’ ads.

The same thing happened to Camera360. Since connecting to Mintegral in July 2015, its revenue grew 1000% in 2016. SHAREit’s revenue grew 600% from January to the end of 2016.

Robin Duan, Mobvista’s founder and CEO shared monetization experiences in India during the event, and introduce Mintegral, Mobvista’s native+video ad mediation platform to indian developers.

“As a third-party service provider, we think about maximizing our value,” said Mobvista CEO Robin Duan. “Instead of simple ad company, we are more a platform company providing full-stack developer services.”

For developers, everything should be simple. Like what Rajeev Dhal said, it is about “using Mintegral to unlock new revenue growth points.”