Early iPad Ads Showing Above Average Engagement, Interaction Times

In a press release issued this morning, textPlus, PointRoll and AdMarvel detailed early campaign metrics from ads served on the iPad, showing high levels of engagement and long interactions times compared to traditional mobile ads.

Campaigns that ran the first four weeks after the iPad launch delivered average interaction times across advertisers of 30 seconds, and as high as 53 seconds for one advertiser.  In addition, interaction rates — measuring the number of people tapping to expand and engaging with the ads, as a percentage of impressions — ranged from .9% to 1.5% in the first month of the campaign, up to 6 times the benchmark for comparable click-to-expand ads on the desktop.

More impressive was that 67% of users who viewed a video component of ads in the app watched it all the way through, compared to 53% completion rate for desktop.  “These findings obviously show that the iPad can be a successful supplement to a 360-degree campaign across devices to strengthen and further lift audience engagement,” the release said.  It also serves as an early indication of what iAds may produce in terms of engagement and interaction.