“Eagle Eye” Finds Mobile Marketing

Hollywood has turned an “eye” toward mobile marketing once again.

Paramount Pictures Corporation is shacking up with Millennial Media, Inc. to design and launch a “revolutionary, innovative mobile advertising and promotional campaign” for the much-hyped upcoming film release of DreamWorks Pictures’ “Eagle Eye,” a DreamWorks/Paramount distribution release.

The “Eagle Eye Mobile Challenge,” a contest that began September 8 and continues through September 28, is by far Paramount’s most extensive mobile marketing initiative so far, and, according to reports, “the largest ever for a fall theatrical release.”

The thriller, executive-produced by Steven Spielberg, opens in wide release today, Friday September 26, 2008, and stars critically-acclaimed actors Shia LaBeouf, Michelle Monaghan, Rosario Dawson, Michael Chiklis, Anthony Mackie, and Billy Bob Thornton.

Designed by Millennial Media, the “Eagle Eye Mobile Challenge” aims to “build additional buzz about, and boost overall awareness of, the film and its stars, while simultaneously engaging consumers in a rich, compelling experience that closely mimics concepts from the film.” The campaign is hoping to propel the user into an intense, fast-paced and multi-faceted interactive experience similar to the plot that unfolds in the film, and features scenes cleverly embedded in mobile banner ads across the mobile Web.

Naturally (I’m sure you were waiting for this part), the challenge also features a sweepstakes entry, text message updates and personal user interaction via interactive voice response (IVR) and short message service (SMS) capabilities.

Get an “eagle eye” view of the excitement at http://ee.mydas.mobi