e-Publishers Raking in Millions from iOS Newsstand

Electronic content producers are generating big bucks from their publishing efforts in the digital age.

This week it was revealed that Future – a U.K. based magazine publisher – is going fulls-team ahead into expanding its current digital distribution model.

And its a great model to build on, which already pulled in some $8 million over the last year alone. The revenue has largely been driven by the popularity of the publication on Apple’s iTunes Newsstand.

Prior to Newsstand, Future’s digital magazine business was virtually non-existent and its digital strategy centered on thematic web portals like TechRadar, BikeRadar and GamesRadar.

“In March, we were at over 12 million (free) container app downloads, had five million people signed up for marketing messages, which is a lot, and way past half a million sales,” company CEO Mark Wood tells Paid Content.