E-Mail Campaigns Losing Edge to Mobile Marketing

Stop the presses!

A survey from the Direct Marketing Association reported this morning that nearly 70% of respondents in the test reacted to SMS messages sent from suppliers, compared to only a 30% success rate for e-mail.

Surveys were also less popular than texts, encouraging feedback from just 42% of customers. Money off coupons, traditionally an easy yet costly way of bringing customers to a supplier, were widely ignored by 72% of customers.

It all points to customers being far more likely to respond to special offers and marketing sent through their mobile phones than via e-mail campaigns.

As you might expect, of the third of survey participants who didn’t react to mobile phone marketing campaigns, many had never received any offers, while the other objection was fear over the high cost of mobile airtime should the customer reply. The small remaining percentage had received communications but were not interested, showing the “latent ability for the ubiquitous mobile phone to speak to customers.”