Dynamic Signal Helps Companies Reach Employees Through Messenger

emailDynamic Signal, a leading employee communications platform, confirmed to MMW today its new integration with Facebook Messenger.

So what is the company doing with one of the world’s most widely adopted messaging tools?

For the first time, companies will “connect their employees and their companies’ communications anywhere, anytime, without needing to download another app.”

Billions of employees don’t have access to corporate email addresses, intranets or corporate offices, and can’t be reached effectively by their company’s communications. Now, Dynamic Signal delivers communications content directly to employees via Messenger.

“There are billions of employees in the world with little to no access to timely relevant business communication,” says Russ Fradin, CEO and cofounder of Dynamic Signal. “But most of these people have a smartphone and Messenger. Dynamic Signal was first in connecting employees to companies with a purpose-built app, and is now is the first platform for companies to communicate with employees on popular apps already on their phones.”

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