Dunkin' Donuts: Time to Make The… Mobile Payments?

Dunkin' Donuts Time to Make The... Mobile PaymentsDunkin’ Donuts is ramping up its mobile strategy. This week, the company launched its DD Perks Rewards program, offering guests nationwide points toward free Dunkin’ Donuts beverages for every visit they make at participating Dunkin’ Donuts locations.

By early February, the DD Perks program will be fully integrated into the Dunkin’ Mobile App for mobile payment.

Getting your morning caffeine and sweets all from a mobile platform is proving a big hit for busy commuters swinging by the venerable doughnut establishment morning, noon, and night.

Although the industry’s fastest growing mobile payments solutions are those that center on actual hardware – like the mobile credit card readers made by Square and PayAnywhere – mobile app-based payment solutions are on the rise as well.

If Dunkin’ Donuts can come anywhere near the success of Starbucks’s mobile payment and loyalty app, which is presently used by 10 million Starbucks customers for an average of 5 million transactions a week, the doughnut titan could soon be glazed with the joys of unprecedented revenue.