Dropped Calls Remain an Issue for The Mobile Masses

Despite no shortage of significant improvements in mobile devices and mobile networks in recent years, dropped calls are still a problem for millions of mobile users – although not to a debilitating extent.

Rebtel, the largest mobile VoIP company after Skype, is illustrating the prevalence of dropped calls today through the results from a new call-quality survey, which polled U.S. mobile users on their experiences with carriers, smartphone devices and communication apps.

According the study, there is plenty of room for improvement among operators and handset manufactures, with approximately 2 out of 5 (39%) mobile users surveyed admitting to having experienced more than 5 dropped calls per month, representative of approximately 128 million subscribers.

Although dropped calls aren’t a daily phenomenon, the study shows that having a clear and stable call connection is the highest priority to mobile device subscribers.

84% of survey respondents say they are at least somewhat likely to switch smartphones as a result of poor quality. Meanwhile, 78% stated they would be likely to switch carriers due to poor network performance.

“The findings of our first call quality survey demonstrate mobile users have high expectations for a clear connection during calls, and with 40% of American mobile users experiencing multiple dropped calls each month, it’s clear that carriers and handset manufacturers have a long way to go to provide the level of service that customers demand and expect,” says Rebtel CEO Andreas Bernstrom.