Dropbox Tops 100 Million Users

What a difference five years can make.

After quietly launching in 2007, Dropbox – the cloud-based service that lets users store their files and digital possessions – has reached yet another major growth milestone. Dropbox this week confirmed that it now has more than 100 million registered users.

“Once upon a time, Dropbox had its humble beginnings in a Boston train station when I forgot my USB stick at home,” a post on the Dropbox blog reads. “We’re still unsure if it was fate or fluke, but one thing’s stayed the same all these years: each of us has a unique reason for using Dropbox. 100 million reasons later, we’re still building and improving Dropbox not only for ourselves, but also for all of you and your awesome stories that continue to inspire us.”

Despite reaching this lofty new pinnacle of growth, the company says its expansion has only just begun. In fact, the number of new users Dropbox boasts about has quadrupled in the last year alone.

In light of this achievement, Dropbox wants to hear from users with an interesting Dropbox story to tell.

We’d like to hear what your Dropbox story is. We think it’s worth sharing with a growing community, now over 100 million strong. If it’s one of our hundred favorites, we’ll give you 10 GB for life. And if it’s one of our top ten favorites, we’ll give you 100 GB for life.

Click here for the official Dropbox blog.