Drawbridge Touts New Cross-Device CPG Playbook

iphone-518101_960_720On Thursday, the team at Drawbridge, a cross-device data company, reached out to MMW to confirm the launch of its newest product offering, the Cross-Device CPG Playbook, that gives CPG brands and retailers a “crystal ball” view into their customers’ path to purchase across devices so as to drive sales and awareness.

The Cross-Device CPG Playbook consists of a set of tools and best practices to ensure the alignment of proper messaging and content with ideal audience segments, and advanced attribution capabilities to granularly measure ROI down to the SKU-level.

According to details shared, the playbook’s tools include:

  • Granular audience targeting capabilities, including customizable audience and purchase-based segments.
  • Proprietary technology to extend first- or third-party audiences across devices, amplifying a brand’s message to all of a consumer’s digital touchpoints.
  • Multiple resolutions of location targeting to maximize engagement from current shoppers, previous shoppers, and competitors’ customers.
  • High-impact creative units aligned with relevant content, such as recipe blogs and apps, to deliver the appropriate message while a consumer is in the right mindset.
  • Custom-built creative assets to generate awareness with explicit calls-to-action.
  • High-frequency bursts that enable marketers to maximize exposure against target audiences and keep your brand top of mind during key time periods.
  • Cross-device storytelling to reach shoppers on mobile devices, amplify messages on tablets or desktops, and engage shoppers when they are at the point-of-sale.
  • Detailed digital and physical measurement, including demographic consumer insights, store-visits, and product-level attribution tied to cross-device reach.

For more info on the Drawbridge Cross-Device CPG Playbook, click here.