Don’t Underestimate The Impact of an ‘Excellent Mobile Experience’

Don't Underestimate The Impact of an 'Excellent Mobile Experience'The impact of an excellent mobile experience should not be underestimated by marketers or brands. That’s according to a new report that reveals how favorably customers view responsive design websites that enable efficient and comfortable mobile browsing.

According to Santek Online, the increase in internet usability through smartphones and mobile devices for browsing the web has exploded since 2010.

“And this year, the web traffic coming from mobile devices has surpassed the Desktop traffic,” the firm says in a news release. “Based on a recently available study, 63% of e-Commerce experts rank Responsive Web design like a technology expense concern for this season, in contrast to 40% in 2013.”

But here’s the key piece of data for brands and marketers: 61 percent of people possess a “greater viewpoint of brands” once they provide an excellent mobile experience.

There are lots of ways to optimize a website for smartphones and mobile devices, the company says, but there are some definite strategies to avoid.

For example, “though mobile-only sites are quite cheaper than receptive… having two separate domains and websites pose dramatic impact on SEO as well as user-experience.”

Additionally, the mobile website usually won’t rank as-well on search-engines, and will provide pared-back performance as compared to desktop site, warns the team at Santek Online.

All told, this amounts to another solid and logical argument in support of responsive design.

“The need of how websites must be displayed and used has transformed. Formerly sites were enhanced with desktop PCs in mind, today web developers are creating a website with a mobile first approach to improve,” the firm concludes. “Not just that, but site users are now actually anticipating that an internet site is enhanced for mobile browsing, and if they stumbled upon a site that’s not this might create a damaging first impact, stopping them from using that specific website.”