Don’t Just Hire, Say Mobile Payment Leaders… Build a Team

Don’t Just Hire, Say Mobile Payment Leaders… Build a TeamAs an entrepreneur and business owner, you will get to a point in developing your new business in which you will need to begin hiring and building your team.

Since your team members will be the face of your brand and business, it is essential that you do more than simply fill necessary positions. You must build a team that possesses the skillsets you desire, as well as embody the culture you want to cultivate.

To help entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to onboard new hires, the mobile payments experts at PayAnywhere shared the tips below in a recent blog post.

Tip #1 Build A Roadmap

Before you begin hiring, it is essential to determine what both your short-term and long-term hiring goals look like. Even if your initial hires will play more supportive roles, they will be the first through the door—and will ideally be promoted from within. Ask yourself questions like how many departments you want to see down the road, how many executives, how large your sales team needs to be, and if you would like an internal advisory board? Even if you are not ready now, consider where you want to be 1, 3, and 5 years down the road.

Tip #2 Never Stop Looking For Talent

As an entrepreneur, building your team is not just important for ensuring your day-to-day options, but they are the name, face, and life force of your brand. This is why it is essential to never stop looking for talent—even when you are not currently hiring. You should be looking for talent when networking, when new applications and inquiries about your business are received, and you should always have an external recruiter keeping an eye out for candidates with the key traits and skills you are looking for.

Tip #3 Seek Out The Expertise Of A Mentor

It is essential to have professional mentors that help to challenge and guide you as you build your business. When it comes to building your team, seek out a mentor who excels at surrounding himself or herself with the right people. Just because you are an entrepreneur, does not mean your excel when it comes to interviewing and hiring—and you mentor will help you to develop these vital skills.