Dominos Plans to Give Mobile What Online Ordering Lacks

Dominos Plans to Fix for Mobile what Online Ordering LacksHow many times have you been at a gathering and you discover there isn’t enough food to feed everyone? Naturally, many people grab their phone and order in a few pizzas to provide for their guests. Now, imagine what happens if you go to the Dominos web page and you have difficulty ordering from their site? You can either download the app, or move on to a web page that is willing to work with you.

Dominos has noticed this trend. More people have been using the Dominos app and not their website. This switch has caused Dominos to fall lower in Google’s search rankings, and has affected their profitability.

This issue is being addressed and a comeback is in the works. Simon Wallis, sales and marketing director for Dominos UK and Ireland tells The Drum: “The conversion rates we’re seeing on our mobile web site are nothing short of embarrassing.” In order to correct that, Dominos is investing in a rebranding of their web page in order to be more mobile friendly and easier to use for patrons. They hope to increase pizza sales through these improvements just as their app has.

The features in the app have caused the average purchase price to double. In addition, there is a feature to donate to Charity Pennies, which allows the buyer to round up to the next dollar and have their change go to charity.

Dominos wants to complete the rebrand, but do not want to rush it. So, just like the tortoise and the hare, Dominos is going slow and steady to make a web page that can be easily accessed via mobile phone.