DollarApp Acquired by Mobile Innovators at Chaotic Moon

This week, mobile development firm Chaotic Moon confirmed its acquisition of DollarApp, a growing iOS development company operated by Twitter pioneer Dom Sagolla (pictured on right).

As a result of the deal, DollarApp will become Chaotic Moon’s Bay Area satellite. Sagolla will emerge as Chief Product Officer.

“Dom and DollarApp bring a tremendous amount of experience and vision to Chaotic Moon,” says Ben Lamm, Chief Executive Officer at Chaotic Moon. “His philosophy of simplicity and speed, along with a devotion to craftsmanship will permeate every aspect of our business.”

Only four years old, DollarApp’s first project was the Official Obama ’08 iPhone App, which the company touts as “one of the most ambitious and successful projects on the iTunes App Store to date.”

Although the company has consulted for many major brands, its focus is the creation of original works. Each of these has been featured by Apple: Big Words, Math Cards, and the hypertext edition of Sagolla’s groundbreaking book, 140 Characters.

Sagolla, along with Chaotic Moon Labs’ William Hurley, is co-founder of the world’s largest independent developer community for Apple’s platforms: iOSDevCamp.

“Access to this world-wide talent pool will drive growth at Chaotic Moon for years to come,” the press release from Chaotic Moon reads.