Does Mobclix Really Know How to Make a Killer iPhone App?

Mobclix bills itself as the complete mobile applications platform, providing analytics, monetization, and distribution to its clients. The company put out a report today on the four keys to a successful iPhone app.

For starters, offer free apps. The good news about this advice is free apps will be more likely to be advertising supported, providing plenty of opportunities for us mobile marketers. With the average iPhone bill hitting $100 per month, spending an additional 99 cents to $9.99 per app can add up quickly. According to their stats, last month 23 percent of apps were free and 49 percent cost $0.99.

Their second tip? Know your apps’ analytics. While this is an obvious pitch for their own well-rounded product, it’s also true and a no-brainer. You audience is on their phones, says Mobclix, they need that app to be even more stable than an app on the Internet. “No one wants to boot because of crashing apps.” I buy that logic. Being able to know how many times your apps crash – probably a good thing.

Third – it comes down to effective advertising. Here’s where analytics are important. By utilizing data collected through analytics, advertisers can also create “lucrative campaigns that reach the right audience segments.”

Lastly, you need a way to collect feedback. You can’t rely on collecting feedback through the app store, Mobclix explains. You need to get it directly from the app itself or through advertising.

Of couse, Mobclix offers tools so you can accomplish all four of the above. To its credit, Mobclix is the only mobile applications platform to “couple real-time application analytics with a yield optimizationzation advertising solution” and it was founded in 2008, when it was also a TechCrunch 50 finalist and Seedcamp winner.

Do any of you have experience using Mobclix or a competiting app platform?