Does March Madness TV Ad Revenue Dispel Myths About the Death of TV Advertising?

Does March Madness TV Ad Revenue Dispell Myths About the Death of TV AdvertisingScott Kowalchek of DirectAvenue, who manages successful DRTV advertising campaigns for national advertisers, has some strong opinions about the supposed death of TV advertising.

For starters, it simply isn’t dead. The proof? According to Kowalchek, the 1.1 billion in TV ad revenue generated by March Madness last month is all the evidence we need.

“For advertisers who care more about the bottom line (viewers and market penetration) and less about speculative startup valuations, there is no doubt that TV dominates the advertising world,” said Kowalchek.

“No other form of advertising can do what TV does. And, as TV viewing evolves to become more flexible for viewers, this is opening up new opportunities for brands to harness its power,” Kowalchek adds.

Like other TV ad executives, Kowalchek agrees with new media pundits on one trend – the symbolic pie of media distribution will get sliced in a variety of new and exciting ways because of new technologies and the new portable and mobile platforms they offer to consumers. But as long as the greatest volume of video content comes from network and cable television providers, Kowalchek believes his industry will thrive.

“If television is the 800-pound gorilla of advertising and the pie of distribution channels keeps getting sliced,” Kowalchek predicts in a written statement. “Our gorilla will simply eat more pie