Does It Matter That Motorola Missed The 3G Ramp?

MotorolaI just read this on RCRWirelessNews and one bit struck me as odd.

“Brown’s announcement also reflected that Motorola’s troubles are deeper than generally acknowledged by the company or analysts. The company has not revealed a follow-on platform to its Razr handset, it missed the global ramp in 3G devices, its smartphone offerings are minimal in a profitable growth area, it made a failed attempt to chase Nokia Corp. in global market share, and has been slow to reveal the depth of its woes.”

I’m probably wrong but didn’t Apple get their mobile gadget off the ground and show growth without getting on the 3G ramp? I more agree with the latter half of the comments regarding their lack of smartphone offerings. Yeah, they’ve got smartphones but who thinks “Motorola” when you’re talking up smartphones?

Motorola suffers from something else critical to consumer products, anyone know what that might be? A consumer friendly web site. You’ve got to go through multiple layers of to actually reach the Moto Store. It’s a different experience on the Nokia site.

I wonder how attractive this division of Motorola might be for some company in the 700MHz auction that doesn’t currently have a handset?