Does Amazon Have a Problem? Kindle Fire Owners Already Eager for iPad 3

Has the consumer fascination with Amazon’s Kindle Fire already subsided? One would have to assume so given the latest survey results published Thursday from TechBargains, a deal aggrefaruib website for electronic products..

As it turns out, 53% of the new Kindle Fire owners surveyed admit that they will still buy the iPad 3 when Apple releases the third generation tablet, likely next month.

6% will even wait in line of the tablet on the first day of the iPad 3’s availability.

Consumers even shared a wish list of features they would like to see included in the iPad 3. The results include the percent of people who want the following features:

  • Quad Core Processor: 85%
  • Better Speaker: 82%
  • USB Port: 82%
  • Memory Card Slot: 81%
  • Less Reflective Screen: 72%
  • Siri: 65%

Of the respondents, 58% want to upgrade their current tablet and 74% concede that no tablet compares to an iPad

“When it comes to tablets, Apple’s iPad will continue to remain the leader,” said Yung Trang, President and Editor in Chief of “But what’s very interesting is that Kindle Fire was released just three months ago and yet more than half of Fire owners already know that they will, in fact, buy the iPad 3. This could be a commentary on consumer dissatisfaction with Amazon’s product or simply a message that the iPad’s user experience remains unparalleled.”