Documents Reveal Samsung, Apple Competitive Fears

Documents Reveal Samsung, Apple Competitive FearsInternal communications entered into evidence in the latest patent-infringement skirmish between Apple and Samsung are shedding light on the competitive worries rampant at both companies.

“Beating Apple is #1 Priority (everything must be context of beating Apple),” a Samsung document reveals, outlining what would become the company’s “high-level initiatives” for 2012.

Other documents, however, reveal insecurities on the part of Apple.

One email purportedly uncovered by The Wall Street Journal (as confirmed by Wall St. Cheat Sheet) illustrates Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Philip Schiller’s opinion of Samsung. The South Korean tech maker, he wrote, is like “an athlete who can’t miss because they are in a zone while we struggle to make a compelling brief. … Something drastic has to change.”

Under a bullet point titled “Greatly increased Galaxy Branding (follow examples of other subsidiaries),” Samsung once again referenced its heated sales competition with its Cupertino, California-based rival. “Drive consumer pull: customers walk into stores asking for Samsung; understand why consumers buy Apple and develop countermeasures by carrier/retailer,” Samsung wrote.

Consistent throughout the documents revealed inside of both companies, Samsung expresses the view that the “threat from Apple is extremely real and urgent.” Conversely, Apple similarly appears shaken and concerned about the growing competition from Samsung.