Do you know the Mobile Marketer of the Year?

The 2008 Mobile Marketer of the Year will be named in December by Mobile Marketer . There is still time to nominate a candidate if you happen to know just the right person. Here is the criteria they will be using to select the winner:

First, the marketer should have consistently made effective use of mobile marketing for branding or customer acquisition or customer retention or a combination of them.

Second, while standalone mobile marketing efforts are OK, the marketer should have also incorporated mobile into a multichannel plan. Mobile’s role in giving legs to print, TV, radio and the Internet is what makes it a standout medium.

Third, the marketer should have built a qualified database of respondents to mobile campaigns. This opt-in list is gold, since the churn rate with mobile phone numbers is minimal compared with email or postal addresses.

Fourth, the marketer should have achieved a high rate of response to campaigns on a consistent basis, thus proving deft use of calls to action and targeted marketing.
Fifth, the mobile marketing creative should have been consistently outstanding, with the ads or imagery conveying the brand attributes and engendering high click-throughs.

Finally, the marketer or individual should have shaped the mobile marketing industry this year, serving as a role model to peers and encouragement to service providers.

Nominations will close on November 15th. You can nominate yourself, a client, your agency or even someone you think might be a good candidate – even if you have no affiliation with them.

To submit a nomination, please see details here.

Who do you think should be nominated for Mobile Marketer of the Year?