Do Display Rising Stars Outperform Traditional Display Ads? IAB Says Yes — by a Huge Percentage

Do Display Rising Stars Outperform Traditional Display Ads IAB Says Yes -- by a Huge Percentage“Rising Stars Ads and Brand Equity,” a new report just out from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), is a study brands will want to take to heart.

The report demonstrates that Display Rising Stars ads, introduced by the IAB in 2011 as “next-generation, rich media canvasses for ad creative,” are more effective in brand building than the legacy ad formats in the traditional IAB Universal Ad Package (UAP).

“The data clearly shows that IAB Display Rising Stars deliver 30 percent stronger brand lift than UAP formats with just one full exposure, rising to 42 percent when consumers interact with a Rising Stars ad,” according to IAB. “Rising Stars also beat traditional display ads when it comes to ad recall, with consumers remembering half of the Rising Stars viewed – triple the recall of the legacy digital display ads presented.”

And that’s not all. Rising Stars ads “attracted gaze at a 63 percent higher rate than traditional UAP ads.” In addition, the study showed that consumers were less likely to avoid the ads in comparison to legacy UAP ads.

“Engagement with the Rising Stars ads was significantly higher across the board with findings demonstrating that these ads were more entertaining, creative, humorous, and evoked higher emotional response,” explained IAB.

“Display Rising Stars ads outperform legacy digital formats when it comes to advertising effect and brand lift,” said Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President, Research, Analytics and Measurement, IAB. “We knew that better creative canvasses have visual and emotional appeal, and garner interaction. The big challenge has been to demonstrate that aesthetic breakthroughs contributes to brand equity and our rigorous and comprehensive study substantiates that.”

Here is what consumers themselves noted about the newer ad formats:

* Give more personality to the brand (65%)

* Are more engaging (64%)

* Give consumers more control (60%)

* Are more informative (60%)

“Brand marketers have leveraged IAB Display Rising Stars ad products over the years due to their potent combination of innovation and scale,” said Peter Minnium, Head of Brand Initiatives at IAB. “I am pleased now see definitive findings on what we’ve instinctively known all along: that consumers pay more attention, see more value in the brand advertised, and genuinely enjoy Rising Stars ads better than legacy UAP units – giving marketers a new level of brand building capabilities online.”