DMC, SMG Launch Integrated Loyalty & Digital Media Offering

On Tuesday, Dynamic Minds Consulting (DMC), a Las Vegas based leader in enterprise Point-of-Sale (POS) professional services and SMG the developer of SSNAPP, a POS integrated digital and social loyalty rewards platform, announced a new partnership.

Together, the partners will provide what we’re told is “a full service solution to power the relationship between brands and their customers.”

In short, SSNAPP and DMC are providing a turn-key, fully integrated Point-of-Sale solution that includes a digital marketing and social intelligence platform coupled with consulting services from industry experts.

SSNAPP’s direct integration with (POS) transaction data uniquely enables its operators to analyze for the first time customer habits and preferences and reward influencers who expand a brand’s reach.

“Digital marketing integration with POS is a huge void for many of our partners today. Obsolete, costly and often ineffective paper offerings and loyalty programs finally have a viable replacement,” said, Mohammad Ashrafi, CEO of DMC. “After months of testing and a successful certification, I am delighted to have the opportunity to integrate SSNAPP’s digital offers and social media engagement solutions into our existing services and solutions offerings. SSNAPP’s superior POS integration and analytics make it the most complete solution for capturing the entire guest journey.”