Distimo Revisits The Birth and Evolution of the Apple App Store

On Thursday, Distimo published a sentimental journey of sorts in the mobile app world.

The leading provider of insight into the mobile app store marketplace lived up to its stature today with the release of a fascinating new report appropriately titled “The Four Year Anniversary of the Apple App Store.”

In this month’s publication, Distimo takes a look back at how the Apple App Store emerged and developed over the past four years.

The iPhone was released more than five years ago, the report reminds us, but without the ability to install apps. The Apple App Store subsequently launched on July 10, 2008 with only 500 applications available for download.

But that number would soon grow… and grow… and grow.

  • The Apple App Store currently has over 650k applications available, however due to emerging competition, the number of downloads among the top 200 most popular applications decreased from 15.4 at its height to 8.4 in July 2012.
  •  The United States has been the largest market for iPhone since launch, but has lost some ground in terms of its total significance over the past two years. Approximately 26 percent of the free downloads worldwide originated from the United States in the Apple App Store for iPhone during June 2012.

If you’re interested in reading the full report, you can get it for free on Distimo’s website here.