Distimo Publishes 2013 Global App Stores Year in Review

Distimo Publishes 2013 Global App Stores Year in ReviewDistimo, a leading app store analytics company tracking 3 billion quarterly downloads for 20,000 worldwide developers, shared with MMW on Tuesday its new 2013 Global App Stores Year in Review Report.

Despite the massive growth of the mobile app ecosystem this year, Apple retained its leadership position as the industry’s top revenue generator.

During 2013, Google Play’s revenue share has been growing at Apple’s expense, Distimo reports. But as of November 2013, the Apple App Store was still leading with 63 percent relative to 37 percent for Google Play.

Today, the top iOS applications generate $90,000 on average every day.

Not surprisingly, a majority (63 percent) of the revenue on iOS is now generated from apps in the Games category.

“In the Apple App Store, King.com Limited took the number one position of the year for the most downloaded free app with Candy Crush Saga,” Distimo reports. “The app has been around since October 2012, and has since then consistently been ranked high in both free and grossing charts of the Apple App Store.”

To download the full report from Distimo, click here.