Distimo: Google Play Growth Outpacing Apple App Store

Distimo Google Play Growth Outpacing Apple App StoreOn Monday, Distimo – the app store analytics giant – shared with MMW a new monthly global apps report that digs deep into the app store highlights of July’s activity.

The report also includes an overview of the total revenue made by Google Play and the Apple App Store in the last half of the year, and looks into the relative market sizes per country.

Clearly, one of the biggest takeaways from the new report is that over the past half year, both the Apple App Store and Google Play grew in terms of total revenue. The growth in Google Play, however, was bigger (67%) than it was in the Apple App Store (15%), although the Apple App Store generated two times more revenue.

The U.S. spent the most money on apps in July 2013, followed by Japan and South Korea, who were also the countries that were the main contributors to Google Play’s revenue.

The best performing apps of July 2013 are also highlighted in terms of free downloads, paid downloads, and the highest revenue aggregated globally, as well as the top publishers for July 2013 in terms of free downloads, paid downloads, and revenue globally. The report also includes a breakdown of top new apps based on notable performance.

To learn more or to download the full report for free, click here.