Distimo Goes Deeper into the Enterprise with Latest Offering

On Friday, Distimo – the app store market data and analytics giant – announced the introduction of a new enterprise offering that lets large publishers and brands integrate Distimo’s app store data into their existing software.

To help facilitate the impressive new offering, Distimo secured an important launch partner – Adobe Systems Incorporated. Adobe will integrate and automatically sync Distimo’s app store data and analytics with Adobe Analytics, a real-time, high-performance analytics and reporting platform.

Mutual customers of the two companies will gain deep insight into their app store data such as the ability to view their application’s downloads, one-off revenue, in-app revenue, and rankings for every major app store worldwide.

“The power of Adobe Analytics combined with Distimo’s app store data will enable our mutual customers to analyze and sync their app store data along with app engagement and usage data collected by Adobe Analytics,” explains Roger Woods, Senior Product Manager of Mobile Solutions at Adobe. “Our decision to integrate Distimo’s app store data aligns with our commitment to help marketers make data-driven decisions that drive higher marketing ROI.”

To learn more about what Distimo and Adobe are up to, click here.