Distimo Dishes on Android Market Passing Apple’s App Store in Free Mobile App Population

The app analytics specialists at Distimo are out with a new report that sheds light on the race for free app supremacy among the largest mobile app marketplaces in the digital world.

According to the latest report, Google’s Android Market presently boasts roughly 134,000 free mobile applications for download, while Apple’s App Store serves up only 121,000 free apps in comparison.

In terms of the shear number of applications available, however, the App Store remains king with well over 300,000 mobile apps available in total.

But the reigning king has anything but a permanent lock on the future of mobile app dominance. The Distimo report shows that App Store growth is slowing at a steady pace. In fact, Distimo predicts – and rather boldly – that the Android Market will become the biggest mobile app store (as far as the number of available applications is concerned) before the end of 2011.

For the time being, the number of paid apps in the Android market is a scant one-third of the paid apps available in the App Store.

Growth will, indeed, remain a fixture in the app world for the foreseeable future. Distimo also projects that RIM’s BlackBerry App World will double in size by November 2011 and likely leapfrog Nokia’s Ovi Store in size before this summer.

To learn more about the Distimo report, click here.