Disney Sees Another Mobile App Success with Toy Story 3

The world of mobile apps has proven itself to be a new “magical kingdom” of sorts for the folks at Disney.

The Walt Disney Company is reveling in the astounding success of its Toy Story 3 mobile application.

Illustrating yet again the pervasive reach of advertisers and marketers to younger audiences through the mobile channel, the application for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch lets users play games and enjoy content pertinent to the hit Pixar animated film.

After just one short month in the App Store, Disney reports that the Toy Store 3 application has been downloaded in excess of 1.7 million times.

The success of the app closely mirrors the corresponding box office success of the film, which has already raked in better than $350 million worldwide.

Shedding light on Disney’s less than subtle intention to continue ramping up efforts in the mobile realm, in early July the company announced its acquisition of music game developer Tapulous, the makers of the hugely successful series of Tap Tap Revenge games.

Although there are already talks of Toy Story 4, Disney will not presently speak to reports of yet another sequel. But if one is ultimately produced, it’s a safe bet that another iPhone/iPod touch app will accompany the film’s release.