“Discovering” Mobile Technology for Columbus Day

On an occasion such as today, it’s easy to see how mobile technology has thoroughly integrated its power into our way of life.

My wife, a teacher in the Chicago area, reported that the students in her school participated in a Columbus Day field trip last week to a regional museum that utilized mobile technology to help educate students.

According to Mary Riley, the assistant principle at Hyduk High School, “Student were able to use their cell phones at various museum hot spots to gather additional information about exhibits and other relevant artifacts.”

We’ve already seen the many ways in which mobile marketing makes our lives easier and more entertaining, but as the technology spreads into the educational system, even mobile’s staunchest critics will be forced to concede that the educational potential of mobile marketing is beyond reproach.

And those educators who accept this inevitability will be among the first to unlock a new world of potential in their students.

Happy Columbus Day!