Digital Wallets Growing Fast… in Germany

Digital Wallets Growing Fast... in GermanyIf Norm McDonald still sat at the Weekend Update desk on Saturday Night Live, he would have two observations regarding Germany to make these days.

First, Germans love David Hasselhoff. And, second, they love digital wallets just as much.

While mobile payments solutions continue to stutter step elsewhere in the world, another name has just been added to the list of promising young companies entering the competitive European digital wallet market.

CorFire, a familiar brand in mobile and a fast growing mobile commerce service provider, tells MMW that one of the leading cell phone brands in Germany called BASE just launched its “BASE Wallet” using the CorFire wallet server.

BASE, as a part of the network operator E-Plus, launched a wallet enabling NFC payment and coupons to be redeemed at merchants across Germany.

“CorFire is one of the rare providers which expertise moves beyond secure NFC services to include mobile marketing features like coupons. Despite the interdependencies of such project, CorFire has been able to steer the delivery and enable a flawless launch as committed,” says Michael Kaduk, a director with E-Plus.

So… will digital wallets ever become as popular in the U.S. as they are in Europe? Most analysts seem to think they will. But how long is anyone’s guess.