Digital Travel Bookings Increasingly Going Mobile

Digital Travel Increasingly Going MobileWhile the act of finding hotels, flights, and rental cars has largely been relegated to PCs for much of the past decade, 2015 will see the majority of these transportation and lodging-related books shift toward mobile.

Of course, mobile search will be on the rise across the board (not just in the travel industry), but it is expected, as eMarketer predicts, to particularly rise in dramatic fashion when it comes to those looking for all facets of transportation information.

eMarketer’s prediction says that about 63% of mobile users will search for some kind of travel info this year and that almost half of those will do it on a mobile device. More than 50% will book something online, and nearly a third will use a mobile device to book their travel.

Smartphones are going to be more popular for booking travel than tablets in the future, but not by a sizable margin. About 90% of users will count on a smartphone to research and secure their travel accommodations, compared to about 80% who will user a tablet.