Digital Technology Playing a Larger Role Ads Targeting Voters

Digital Technology Playing a Larger Role Ads Targeting VotersThere has been much debate in the last few major elections about what role digital advertising or digital technology in general should play in political campaigns. As election time approaches again, many political campaign advisers are turning to the new product by Revolutionary Messaging called Smart Cookies.

Smart Cookies allows campaign leaders to reach specific voters on their desktop or mobile devices by utilizing multiple data points. Some of the data points utilized include IP address, device ID, Facebook advertiser ID, and the TargetSmart’s National Voter File that is used by Democrats and Progressives.

The end result is the ability to hyper-target voters.

By matching up and centralizing all of this data, campaigns will be able to more effectively and precisely reach their core audience wherever they are — driving higher engagement across devices, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and streaming TV. It can also be used to take advantage of the latest innovations in reaching individual TV viewers (e.g. satellite TV addressable advertising).

“Combining the power of TargetSmart’s voter data with Revolution Messaging’s next generation ad technology is an exciting and innovative use of our voter data. We’re confident Democratic and Progressive campaigns and organizations will benefit from these advances in both quality and ease of access,” said Bill Russell, TargetSmart’s Director of Business Development.