Digital Publishers Battling Apple on Credit Card Data

Apple is notorious for demanding to have its way when it comes to doing business.

As a result, “not playing well with others” has been a fitting description of Apple’s business partnerships.

But the latest news of Apple dragging its feet may be to the ultimate benefit of consumers, especially iPad owners who absorb digital content in place of traditional newspapers and magazines.

According to various published reports, magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals interested in coming to the iPad on a subscription basis are angry with Apple for refusing to share the credit card information of users who subscribe to the publications via iTunes.

Many content providers feel that Apple’s standard operating arrangement with publishers (70% to publishers, 30% to Apple) isn’t “good enough” in return for bringing their content to the iPad.

Apple’s only alleged concession thus far has been to offer users an “opt-in form” that gathers and relays to publishers limited, but user-sanctioned information: name, email, and mailing address.

CreditNet, however, reports that many content providers – rather than give in to Apple once more – will take a wait-and-see approach with Google, which will soon debut Android-based tablets similar to the iPad “and could be more willing to share subscriber information with publishers.”