Digital Music Marketing Reaches the Next Level Through ArtistEcard

ArtistEcard Corporation, an innovative technology company headquartered in Chicago, IL, is taking digital marketing to the next level in the realm of music.

“With its roots firmly planted in high-tech and entertainment sectors, ArtistEcard provides unparalleled technological solutions in the field of music marketing to the independent and well-established artists, focusing on such aspects of E-marketing as the visual presence, uniquely crafted video services, web applications, electronic press kits, video online advertising and syndicated services to users, artists, merchants and commercial partners alike,” the company tells us.

The state-of-the-art platform includes a broad set of creative tools, tailored for website development, online music stream, production and global digital distribution of music videos, photographs, analytics, electronic press kits, a Facebook app, email marketing, a mobile handset optimized website, and promotional video materials.

ArtistEcard aims to be a leader as a One-Stop Shop by combining all the tools that music professional needs in one place at the very low cost.

“We have a great team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals, always eager and always hungry for conquering new heights,” says Ivan Buryadnyk, founder of ArtistEcard. “Most importantly, they, too, are as dedicated to what they do as I am. ThatAnd To that extent, we are currently looking for a new a key team member. It is critical for us to constantly grow and expand the horizons. We are looking into entering the European market, where such platform and such advertising model simply does not yet exist. With the focus on the visual marketing component, consisting of promotional videos, presentations, advertising campaigns, video blogging and the like – all of which we’ve seen as a key element in E-marketing, we are looking to add new faces to our team, and to find these unique individuals, who can help us to gain popularity and reputation in that part of the world.”