Digital, Mobile Money Services Are Hot in Texas for SXSW

Digital, Mobile Money Services Are Hot in Texas for SXSWOf the endless array of vendors spread about the expansive gathering of presenters and companies at SXSW 2015, there’s one service category that’s hotter than ever this year.

We’re talking about mobile money and payments platforms.

One of the many standouts generating buzz is Singapore-based CoinPip, which is launching an open beta of their new money transfer service at SXSW.

We’re told CoinPip’s user-friendly international payroll app is launching in four countries.

Businesses in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the USA, can start sending money to their remote workers in Indonesia using this app quite easily. CoinPip leverages bitcoin to transfer money from one country to another at great ease where both the senders and receivers do not need to know about bitcoin.

“Bitcoin is moving on. The power is not just in the currency, but in the technology.” says Anson Zeall, Co-founder and CEO of CoinPip.