Digital Marketing's Growth Faces Few Headwinds

Digital Marketing's Growth Faces Few HeadwindsNo one expects digital marketing’s surge to decrease any time soon, especially with most other channels definitely dropping in popularity. But the latest predictions show that digital marketing is going to see some major growth and changes over the coming here.

The IDC, for example, believes that by 2018, the market for enterprise marketing software will be worth $32.3 billion.

There are going to be growing pains, however. The technology itself will have to continue to evolve so that it focuses on solving problems. There will also need to be an emphasis on finding talented managers and the right IT services in order to keep up with consumer desires.

When it comes to companies that purchase these kinds of marketing software, they’re going to be looking less and less for individualized solutions and more and more for platforms. This means that vendors could be taking a serious pounding.

The marketing industry is already seeing companies like Adobe start to take more initiative when it comes to their own marketing, including buying up useful companies and forming new alliances.

“They’ve completely transformed their business and taken a very large footprint of the landscape in the marketing cloud,” IDC Research Manager Gerry Murray tells CMS Wire. “You can see how IBM, Salesforce, Oracle and others are following in that strategy because I think those guys had a vision.”