Digital Marketers Delighted with New Captora App and Features

Digital Marketers Delighted with New Captora App and FeaturesA new application recently released by Captora (Digital Marketing Acceleration) and made available to Digital marketers will allow them to execute and optimize their advertising campaigns across multiple channels and use results from one campaign/channel to optimize their results with others.

The CEO and cofounder of Captora, Paul Albright, says that “We are in the early days of the digital marketing renaissance and this marks a critical milestone for marketers to execute multi-channel, content-driven marketing campaigns at a level of productivity never before possible.”

Heady words indeed, but backed up by a new application and features that can truly deliver, Including;

  • The ability to execute advertising campaigns across multiple and varying channels, including paid, social and organic. This allows marketers to scale and optimize their paid campaigns with LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google AdWords and others, increasing conversions without the need to hire more people.
  • An advanced crawling engine that finds gaps in an ad campaign and fills them with content customized for that campaign, including personalizing landing pages that enable marketers to test what works and what doesn’t.
  • Real-time data analyzation with Captora’s Demand Analyzer, which also shows marketers what’s working, what isn’t, and allows them to take immediate steps to focus their marketing and advertising on the right priorities.

Companies like Marketo, DocuSign and Innotas are already praising the new application and its features, Including Tushie Patel, The VP of marketing for Innotas, who says that “Captora is making my job a lot easier, and making me more efficient on how I’m spending my marketing dollars.”