Digital Classroom Brings Increased Access to Remote Locations

Digital Classroom Brings Increased Access to Remote LocationsMobiliya Technologies is touting how its digital classroom platform, Mobiliya Edvelop, is spearheading educational transformation by enabling remote classrooms and lectures to schools worldwide.

The platform, we’re told, helps governments, schools, and research wings in India and China bridge educational gaps, deliver advanced technologies for digital learning, and further research-oriented programs with the help of remote teaching, offline learning tools, content authoring, and virtual bag features.

In Western China, for example, there is an educational and technological divide between urban and rural centers. Cities have all of the resources and quality teachers. The China Development Research Foundation, a think tank of the Chinese Government, launched a rural education initiative and used Mobiliva Edvelop to do so. Fourteen classes from eight rural schools were given Mobiliya Edvelop powered tablets. When a teacher in a city school delivers a lecture it is relayed to the remote school using the platform. Audio and video sessions are recorded using camera and wireless headsets and transmitted in real-time, allowing the teacher to teach two classes simultaneously and share learning resources, tests, and assignments with both.

In India the Sri Chaitanya School, a leading K-12 network, partnered with Mobiliya Edvelop to replace books with tablets and distributed tablets to more than 14,000 students and teachers in more than 90 schools. Students access curriculum materials through the platform and the unique Edvelop-only feature, the virtual school bag, enables users to access all textbooks and curriculums in an offline mode.

In addition to K-12 education, the Army Institute of Technology (AIT), in Pune, India, is driving a unique research-oriented mentoring program. The platform connects corporates with students to drive research in technologies like wearables and Internet of Things, and his helping students to access them and build their own prototypes and applications based on these technologies. Students can submit their models through the Edvelop platform under the guidance of tech mentors, experts, and academics on the Mobiliya Edvelop platform.

So far, a release to MMW explains, over 1800 schools have subscribed to Mobiliya Edvelop. The platform offers features including LMS, content authoring tools, course builder, virtual school bag, a third party content store, and daily teaching workflows consisting of assignments, tests, notices and events for a blended learning environment.

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