Digital Audio Ads On the Horizon in Wake of Latest Partnership

AdTheorent, Inc., an advertising technology company using data, predictive targeting and machine learning to provide competitive advantages to marketers as measured by real-world business outcomes, has announced a partnership with Triton Digital, a leading technology and services provider for the global digital audio industry.

Through an integration with Triton’s global audio advertising marketplace, a2x, AdTheorent’s advertisers now have the ability to add online audio from more than 150 top-tier broadcasters and streaming music services to their digital advertising buys.

Approximately 61% of Americans listen to digital audio on a monthly basis1. Additionally, weekly engagement with digital audio has more than doubled over the last nine years, making this an attractive vehicle to amplify the reach of a digital campaign. AdTheorent’s integration with a2x enables the Company to deliver non-skippable and brand safe audio ads to digital audiences, targeted by geo, genre and audience. AdTheorent is also able to retarget users with high predictive scores from prior digital campaigns, reaching highly engaged consumers who previously interacted with a brand’s mobile or desktop ad via streaming audio. This allows advertisers to re-engage with audiences with a higher statistical probability of engagement.

“With more than 170M people engaging with digital audio monthly, we are excited to add streaming audio advertising capabilities to our digital advertising mix, allowing our clients an additional method to reach highly-engaged consumers,” said Josh Walsh, AdTheorent’s President, Media. “We are thrilled to partner with Triton Digital to offer our clients premium audio inventory to supplement and expand their digital campaigns.”