Digital Ads? What Digital Ads?

Digital Ads What Digital AdsOn Tuesday morning, the team at Goo Technologies shared with MMW the findings of their latest report. And it’s bad news for digital advertisers.

According to the data in question, most digital ads just aren’t cutting it. And, as a result, they are being overlooked by the vast majority of connected Americans.

To be blunt about it, digital ads usually suck. And so they’re being ignored. Hard.

The new survey from Goo Technologies shows that more than 80% of Americans flat-out ignore the digital ads to which they are exposed.

Goo Technologies’ first annual Goo Online Advertising Survey, conducted online by Harris Interactive, revealed consumer behavior around the types of ads we see every day. All told, “fully 92% of Americans ignore at least one type of ads,” the report shows.

The online ads Americans are most likely to ignore included: online banner ads (73%), followed by social media ads (62%), and search engine ads (59%).  The highest wage earners, those with a household income of $100k+ per year, were statistically more likely than those households making less than $50k per year (86% vs. 78%, respectively) to say they ignore online ads.

The bottom line? More must be done to improve the quality, relevance, and general appearance of ads across the digital landscape.

Marcus Krüger, executive chairman of Goo Technologies, says the opportunity for improvement represented by the data “suggests that consumers not only want funny, more interesting ads, but they are also demanding more engagement with impressive graphics and interactivity.”

“We believe the application of innovative gamification methodology and interactive rich web graphics can close this gap,” Krüger concludes. “Creative people need access to a powerful yet simple interface to change the way ads are created.”

Accompanying the new report is an eye-opening infographic that summarizes all of the above and then some. To check it, take a gander below.