Digital Ads in Auto Industry Performing Quite Well

Digital Ads in Auto Industry Performing Quite WellAdTheorent, a technology company and provider of data-driven predictive solutions in mobile advertising, has just dished some details (preliminary findings) from internal auto industry mobile ad performance analyses conducted across its network during Q3 of 2014.

Overall, AdTheorent tells MMW that its auto category campaigns outperformed the industry’s auto average by 363 percent.

The company noted in its report that mobile rich media advertising drove high secondary engagement for auto brands.

Secondary ad engagement within Rich Media units for Q3 was 109% higher than the industry average.

“As more and more automotive brands shift dollars to mobile, it’s exciting to see the level of secondary engagement across AdTheorent’s network in this vertical,” says Jason Han, AdTheorent’s Director of Data and Analytics.  “Mobile’s ability to deliver very tailored, location-based information to the user, coupled with highly dynamic, engaging creative is a natural fit for the auto vertical.  When advertisers provide something very relevant, valuable and actionable to the consumer, they are able to create a good brand experience and ultimately, engagement and ROI.”

To learn more about the findings contained in the new report, click here.